Iron Polysaccharide Complex is an essential body mineral.

  • It works by replacing iron in your body if your body does not produce enough on its own.
  • Adults or kids with anemia due to low iron levels or a low red blood cell count may be prescribed iron.
  • Pregnant women in their last 3 to 6 months of pregnancy may need to take extra iron, but should only take iron if their doctor tells them to. Do not treat yourself with iron if you are feeling tired or fatigued.
  • Most healthy people get adequate iron in their diets, particularly if they regularly eat fortified cereals, meat, poultry, and fish.


Iron (III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex & Iron Hydroxide Polysucrose Complex.

  • We offer a pure range of Iron Hydroxide Polymaltose complex for oral preparation. It is reddish brown colored amorphous powder with astringent taste.
  • We manufacture oral grade product with 30% Fe.


Iron Protein Succinylate is a milk protein with ferric iron.

  • It is a source of Iron & protein in the tablet & liquid formulation.
  • Iron protein succinylate (IPS) is an iron compound specially bonded to casein.
  • Due to the succinylation process, the compound has a solubility profile strictly dependent on pH.  It is soluble in duodenum pH and insoluble in stomach; it is easily absorbed.


Soya Isolate & Soya Concentrate

Soya Isolate is used in a wide range of health care preparations requiring high protein foods.

  • It is spray-dried free flowing, slightly hygroscopic powder obtained from high grade defatted soya bean meal.
  • It is also used as an additive in weaving products. Creamy yellow colored powder containing higher protein content.

Soya Concentrate has similar uses to Soya Isolate. It is a yellow colored powder dispersible in water.


Calcium Caseinate is used in nutraceuticals, tonics, protein biscuits, health care & therapeutic products.

  • A spray dried, free flowing, slightly hygroscopic white to off white colored powder.
  • Easily dispersible in water & forms uniform dispersion.
  • It is also used as a whitener instead of milk & milk products & substitute for whole milk diet in lactose intolerance.


Ferrous Ascorbate & Calcium Ascorbate

Ferrous Ascorbate is a synthetic molecule of ascorbic acid and iron. Ascorbic acid enhances absorption of iron. Ascorbic acid reduces ferric iron to ferrous iron which remains soluble even at neutral pH.

  • It is used in range of nutraceutical & health care preparations like liquid, capsule & tablet etc.
  • It is fine, free flowing, slightly hygroscopic spray dried, soluble powder.

Calcium Ascorbate is a reducing agent and prevents oxidation.

  • Calcium in this form appears to be reasonably well absorbed.
  • White to yellow colored powder It is stabilized form of ascorbic acid.
  • It is used as calcium as well as ascorbic acid source.


Casamino Acids

Acid Hydrolysate Of Casein (Technical & Purified Grade)

  • Casein, Acid Hydrolysate is an excellent source of free amino acids and short peptide fragments, which are required by microorganisms for growth. Casein is a rich source of amino nitrogen.
  • Treatment with hydrochloric acid hydrolyzes the protein into primarily free amino acids with some short peptide fragments.
  • Tryptophan and vitamins present in the casein are destroyed by the acid hydrolysis.
  • The salt content of this peptone is very high at approximately 36%. While this peptone is used in a number of microbiological media formulations, its main usage is in Mueller Hinton Agar.
  • Our range of Acid Hydrolysate of Casein is a hydrochloric acid hydrolysate of casein for use in preparing microbiological culture media.

Acid Hydrolysate of Casein, Technical Grade

  • It is used in wide range of bacteriological media & fermentation industries, as it contains the broad spectrum amino acids required for the microbial growth in appropriate concentration.
  • Free flowing, slightly hygroscopic, spray dried powder derived from high quality casein. It is a pale yellow to light brown colored soluble powder.


Casein & Caseinate

Casein Purified is used in many foods, nutraceutical formulations & fermentation industries as an organic nitrogen source.

  • It is a fine, free flowing white or slightly yellow colored powder.
  • It is insoluble in water & in other neutral solvent, readily soluble in ammonia and by solution of alkali forming opaque solution.


Zinc Ascorbate & Sodium Ascorbate

Zinc Ascorbate is a Vitamin C, Zinc complex used in range of nutraceutical & health care preparations like liquid, capsule & tablet & other oral preparations.

  • It is water soluble, Fine; free flowing, slightly hygroscopic spray dried Light to dark tan colored powder.

Sodium Ascorbate is used in wide range of nutraceutical & health care preparations like liquid, capsule & tablet.

  • A fine, free flowing, slightly hygroscopic spray dried powder.  White to yellowish colored.
    powder.  Soluble In water.


Protein Hydrolysate (Powder & Liquid) is used in range of nutraceutical & health care preparations.

A solution of amino acids and peptides prepared from a protein by acid or enzymatic hydrolysis and used for the maintenance of positive nitrogen balance in severe illness, after surgery of the alimentary tract, in the diets of infants allergic to milk, or as a high-protein dietary supplements.

  • Our product range includes: 
    – Protein Hydrolysate 75-80% Protein Powder
    – Protein Hydrolysate 55-60% Protein Powder
    – Protein Hydrolysate 30% Protein Powder
    – Protein Hydrolysate 40% Liquid
    – Protein Hydrolysate 30% Liquid
    – Protein Hydrolysate 20% Liquid


Protein Hydrolysate PM 80 For Sport Nutrition & Health Food

Recently we have introduced a novel product Protein Hydrolysate PM 80.

  • It is a fine, free flowing, spray dried (white to off-white color) powder containing amino acids, short chained peptides derived from high quality proteins by controlled hydrolysis.
  • It is sodium free, 100% water soluble, odorless powder with bland taste.
  • This pre-digested protein having excellent absorption properly & use in diabetic, cardiac food, health, nutraceutical, sports, body building & other instant high protein food supplementation formulations.

Protein Hydrolysate PM 80 is most cost effective, energy efficient and better assimilation as compared to traditional protein sources like, Whey Protein, Caseinates, Isolates, Concentrate.


Ferric Pyrophosphate & Calcium Aspartate

Ferric Pyrophosphate is a water-insoluble fe-compound used to fortify infant cereals and chocolate-drink powders as it causes no organoleptic changes to the food vehicle.

  • A fine free flowing, spray dried, powder. It is stable complex organic compound with high iron content.
  • Buff White to dull reddish yellow colored powder.

Calcium Aspartate is an acid complex used in range of nutraceuticals & health care preparations like liquid, capsule & tablet forms.

  • It is a fine, free flowing, and white to off white colored spray dried powder, soluble in distilled water.